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Shanghai Jinwe Packaging Machine Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Jinwe Packaging Machine Co.,Ltd. As early as 1992 had developed China's first with independent intellectual property rights of the JW-500 Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine, the company has developed all the way, always walk in the front of the packaging industry, the core of technology and R & D capability remains the leading domestic level.

"Excellence" is our pursuit, we use the ISO9001 standard throughout the entire process of product manufacturing, precision products Department, as its name implies, truly a "come together to form a Seiko."

We have been doing hard "JATON" the brand, JATON brand Vertical Packaging Machine for its high quality has been recognized world- renowned enterprises, including more than 500 companies world. The forefront of their domestic sales list.

Company History:
      1.1992, in Hong Kong designed the first fully automatic vertical packaging machine, and put into production;
      2.1994 factory in Guangzhou, manufacturing automatic vertical and horizontal packaging machine;
      3.1996, the establishment of the Shanghai company, focused packaging R & D and manufacturing of techanical products and services;
      4.2004, the establishment of the Shanghai Institute of Applied Technology-hai Pu, and the United Kingdom research and development company jointly New products, further to the international market;
      5.2005 years, the construction of 12,000 square meters in the Shanghai plant, the company further expand the scale of Great.